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Perl benchmark suite

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Welcome to Perl::Formance.

This is about benchmarking Perl.

It combines several projects: the actual benchmark suite, tools to bootstrap a complete Perl+CPAN from git, a results database and chart rendering.

Where are the results?

Click here for Perl 5 results:

Here are the charts!

Other dashboards


For your local use try the whole mix in one go with:

curl -Ls | perl - --perlformance

This will by default build a "blead" Perl in ~/.bootstrapperl/, install CPAN with dependencies, run benchmarks and print out the results on screen at the end.

After --perlformance you can provide other versions via --version=v5.14.2 or --version=01725c1~3; basically any rev that "git" understands.

The Benchmark Storage has more info about the used benchmark result abstraction.

The Benchmark Suite

Benchmark::Perl::Formance is the framework for running benchmarks. It requires just a few dependencies and runs a basic set of benchmarks.

More Benchmarks

Task::PerlFormance provides the full set of benchmarks via dependencies from CPAN.

Your Benchmarks

Bootstrap Perl

App::Bootstrap::Perl is yet another Perl builder. It focuses on